The Fund

The purpose of the fund is to finance an equitable studio system for Black creatives where they can develop and tell their stories.

To do this in a sustainable way we commit to raise £100 million with your support by 2030. Sound, like a lot of money? It is. But when you think that one season of the Netflix show ‘The Crown’ cost approx. £95 million, not so much. Let that sink in. One show. One season.

Couple that, with most media and entertainment diversity department budgets for Black creatives and Black storytelling being less than a million, we think it’s time to come up with an alternative approach to support the development of Black creatives who can tell their stories and own their art. Don’t you?

How does the fund work?

It’s simple. Each funding round we will highlight a selection of our strategic creative partners who have projects ready to be developed and produced.

You get to decide which projects you want to give life to. We will only highlight three projects per round. You can fund one or all of them. The choice is yours.

If you decide you like all the projects or just want to support our vision, you can contribute directly to the Niche on Demand fund.

How can I be part of the story?

If you want to change the Black creative narrative, and make history, it doesn’t matter if you have US$10, US$10,000 or US$100,000 to contribute.

You don’t have to be a creative or rich to make a difference and see your name in lights. We have built this platform to put the power back in your hands. The hands of the paying, subscribing, viewing audience.

Speaking of power, in the last 3 years with less than £100,000 Niche on Demand have been able to support the development of over 16 Black creatives around the world with capital, connections and business knowhow. Imagine what we could do with £250,000.

Can we agree it’s time to stop talking and start building an equitable studio system for our stories to be told?
Let's build together
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