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Finding Sherpas

Richard from London

A multi-media series format based on a short film executive produced by Niche on Demand. Finding Sherpas is a concept developed by Richard Adeshiyan and Niche on Demand that serves as an analogy for ‘hidden figures’ who play a role in supporting notable individuals to get to the summit of their careers. 

Richard Adeshiyan

Richard Adeshiyan is a notable figure in the Black British press and media. Starting his career at the Voice Newspaper, deputy editing The Weekly Journal and launching The New Nation as founding Editor. His career has spanned over 40 years and supported the launch of many notable Black celebrities.

Il Moro

A series about Alessandro de’ Medici, the first Duke of Florence in 1530, based on the short film, Executive Produced by Niche on Demand. Medici was a Black Italian who was the first Black head of state in modern Western Europe. His mother was an enslaved African woman of the de’ Medici household and his father was no less than Pope Clement VII (born as Giulio de’ Medici). Despite the importance of the position he held, Alessandro’s story seems to have been cast in a corner and his origins still seem to be up for debate. 

Daphne Di Cinto & Yasmine Holness Dove

Daphne Di Cinto is an Afro-Italian actress and writer, known for Bridgerton (2020), Show Me What You Got (2019) and Anna & Yusef (2015). Il Moro is her directorial debut and has been accepted for screening at a number of international film festivals for 2022.

Yasmine Holness-Dove is an actress and producer, known for Invasion (2021), Trying (2020) and Il Moro.


‘REVELATIONS’ sees a young man attend the funeral of his estranged mother. As the service proceeds, he remembers key moments that defined their relationship. Revelations is a short film about family, grief, and acceptance.

David Allain

David Allain is an award-winning Scriptwriter and Director. His credits include theatre, music videos, advertising, short films, and documentaries for clients such as CNN, O2, THE GUARDIAN, and SKY ARTS.

In 2021, David’s work included directing a BBC comedy pilot, ‘Bravo Two Charlies’, and he directed 2nd Unit on ITV’s four-part crime drama ‘The Long Call’. As a writer, David is currently in development on an original crime drama with HAT TRICK MERCURIO.

Hidden Figures

The History of Black British Marketers

Black marketers in particular throughout the years have either mastered the ability to market to both mainstream audiences and minority audiences or focus specifically on Black audiences in an unapologetic authentic and credible way.

The History of Black Marketers ‘in conversation’ series launched in October 2020 was produced to mark a historic partnership between Black Cultural Archives and WARC. The series explores pioneers in Black British marketing, their influence and contributions. The first three episodes feature Dr. Glen Yearwood; Jon Daniel and Kevin Morosky.

Hidden Figures: Kunle Olulode & Binki Taylor discuss the life and career of Jon Daniel           

Hidden Figures: A look at Black British marketing and design with Dr Glen Yearwood

Hidden Figures: A look at Black British marketing and design with Kevin Morosky, Founder of POCC

Black Cultural Archives

Black Cultural Archives is the only national heritage centre dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of African and Caribbean people in Britain.

WARC is part of Ascential, a specialist information, data and analytics company that helps the world’s most ambitious businesses win in the digital economy. They are a world leading company in marketing effectiveness solutions and insights.

Your Instagram Posts Won’t Save Lives Do Something Dammit!

Benjamin Crump, civil rights attorney and activist, NFL player and activist, Malcolm Jenkins, Jabari Paul, the head of social activism at Ben & Jerry’s, and scholar and public philosopher, David Kyuman Kim, explored the systems of racial injustice that have led to the Black Lives Matter movement and what brands should do to raise their corporate fists in solidarity. Providing a thoughtful conversation on brand activism & accountability in the moment of global protests surrounding the murder of George Floyd. The result was a wise and profound dialogue that became one of the most watched sessions of the entire LIONS Live Festival garnering recognition as one of the Top 10 Cannes Lion activations of 2020.

Talia Boone

Talia Boone is the founder of INTER:SECT. After getting her start as a public relations professional in the National Football League, over 15 year ago, INTER:SECT was created as a means to redirect her skills, expertise and extensive network into opportunities to achieve systematic social impact. Her mission is to encourage brands to commit substantial resources to positively impacting important social issues to achieve long -standing, systematic social justice.