Fund the Vision

Our goal is to raise £100 million with your support by 2030
Our Target is raise £250,000 by March 2022

With your financial contribution we can make this happen. The global creative industry is worth $2.25 trillion. With over a billion Black people across the global diaspora, we have cultural and financial power. Together we can change the narrative for Black creatives.

We want to support Black creatives to develop their art, rather than spending time knocking on doors that don’t open. If you understand why it’s important to support Black creatives to tell their stories, and how supporting them to own their art can create generational wealth and societal change, you are in the right place.

What do you need me to do?

Become a Niche on Demand supporter or a credited Producer depending on how much you are able to donate. Make history and be the change you want to see. Niche on Demand are committed to telling Black stories by creating strategic partnerships with creatives who need culturally intelligent support, business knowledge and access to cash.

For this first funding round we have a target of £250,000 by March 2022. The funding will be used to provide a robust business structure that supports the development of Black talent, their projects, and the protection of their intellectual property.

Most of the time creatives give away their rights because they can’t afford the fees for all the extras – lawyers, accountants, marketers, and distributors. We want Black creatives to keep their rights so they can preserve their creative legacies for future generations.

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