Is Niche on Demand a crowdfunding platform?

No, Niche on Demand is a Studio. We recognise that capital is the most significant barrier for Black creatives to get their art developed and seen. We have created a funding component to our business so creatives can focus on what they do best, create.

Where is my money going?

Your contributions to all of the Niche on Demand projects on the platform go to the creatives so they can continue creating their art. If you are funding the vision, that money will be used to build our infrastructure and support more creatives. Niche on Demand takes an administration fee of 8% on all contributions processed on our platform.

Why do you only have three projects? Will there be more added?

Our platform was created to highlight the projects of our Strategic Partners. Each funding round, we will have three projects curated from our project slate.

Do you only have three projects because you don't have any more projects?

No. We have found that the Black creative community is not short of talented people with exciting projects. However, we want to ensure the resources from our community are focused on our platform and our projects remain exclusive.

How can I get my project on your platform?

All projects on our platform are curated from our Strategic Partners. Our focus isn’t quantity but quality. You need to be a Strategic Partner to have your projects on our platform.

What is a Niche on Demand Strategic Partner?

Strategic Partners are the creatives we collaborate with to bring their art to the world. They are exceptional people, highly talented, with different levels of experience and exposure in the industry. Working with creatives as Strategic Partners enables us to provide Executive Producer support in an equitable and unrestricted way.

How can I become a Strategic Partner?

The first step is to send us a message about your project or concept. We will arrange a call to learn more about you and your project if there is alignment with our vision. Following our meeting, we will let you know if we think we can collaborate. This decision is made on both the project and your values as a creative. We are building something special and only work with partners that operate with a Niche on Demand state of mind.